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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Michael Jackson Battle with Lupus and Vitiligo


Pictorial Observation
In the wake of Michael Jackson's death, questions still linger. Among many is the debate about Michael's Vitiligo disease versus skin bleaching. (Undoctored) Pictures never lie, but often times, they can be misinterpreted. This hub contains a pictorial of Michael Jackson's struggle with his skin.
To the right is a photo copyrighted by that shows the advanced stages of the disease, as he filmed They Don't Really Care About Us in Rio de Janeiro in 1995. This picture depicts splotches on Michael's arm and his chest. Makeup or video touch up effectively covers these disfigurations in the actual video.
Vitiligo apparent on the chest and arms.
Vitiligo apparent on the chest and arms.
  Next is a photo of teen Michael Jackson. You may notice the discoloration beneath his right eye. Michael was plagued by acne as most teenagers were. The next picture shows the left arm, freckled and white. The last picture shows Michael's right hand and fingernails. The fingernails indicate that Michael wasn't in good health.  
Discoloration beneath the right eye.
Discoloration beneath the right eye.
 Some have speculated that his fingernails are darker because he couldn't bleach beneath his nails. This is a fallacy because black people, such as I am, have flesh, or whitish skin beneath their nails, on their palms and the bottoms of their feet. When I first noticed Michael's nails, I was shocked to see odd coloring. I'm in the midst of researching theories and causes for his nail discoloration. 
Blotchy right arm.
Speckled hand & unhealthy nails.
Speckled hand & unhealthy nails.
  Michael Jackson's close friend, who is also a doctor, Deepak Chopra, told on June 27, 2009 that Jackson suffered from Lupus and Vitiligo. Michael had explained to Oprah in a 1993 interview that he wasn't trying to be white. He said he didn't bleach his skin, and he had a disease that came from this father's side of the family. He didn't name the disease, but he insisted to Oprah that he used makeup to cover the ever-present blotches.
Corroboration of Michael's statement comes from his makeup artist of over twenty years, Karen Faye, who states in the video below that she used makeup to even out his skin. In the video, she said they used to match his color to brown until the white blotches overtook him, and it became an easier process to make the brown white.
To the right are other sufferers of the disease. A prominent newscaster, Lee Thomas also battles with Vitiligo. He calls it a degrading disease. Other stars with the disease: 
Another sufferer of vitiligo.
Another sufferer of vitiligo.
White spot beneath his neck.
White spot beneath his neck.
There are other sufferers of the disease. A prominent newscaster, Lee Thomas also battles with Vitiligo. He calls it a degrading disease. Other stars with the disease:
· Tempest Bledsoe
· Doc Hammer
· John Henson
· Big Krizz Kaliko
· Thomas Lennon
· Hedvig Lindahl
· Joe Rogan
· J.D. Runnels
· Sisqo
· Rasheed Wallace

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